Take the pledge

Please take the pledge here and go the the Organ Donor website to register your details.  You can do something amazing and change the world for someone.  If you have a special reason for pledging, we’d love to hear it. If you are already a donor (or think you might be) the Organ Donation website will check for you and make sure your details are up to date.

Now please go to this website to join the register or update your details.

The following people have taken the pledge.  Thank you so much.

262 Simon Wightman
261 Anon
260 Janet Simmonds In support of  Sarah  and Phil and  their  family who  are  doing everything they  can to raise the profile of organ donations register as it may help some one,  one day particularly when you don’t need it any more
259 Maria Andrea Pena New Donor
258 Colin Chappell The though of being able to improve or prolong someones life if I die is a happy one.
257 Mikaela Mackness New Donor
256 Andrew Davies Cant see why you would not want to help others. New Donor
255 claire To help someone survive when I go means a very lot to me. New Donor
254 Suzanne brett
253 Juliet Colyer The most precious gift we can give…
252 Rachel Garland I feel this is so important. I am a wife and a mother and would hope that others would do the same if my friwnd of family needed it.
251 Janice Mills New Donor
250 Vicky McNally New Donor
249 Gillian Roots New Donor
248 Emma Stead
247 Anon I am very proud of the fact that Philip is Edward and Celia’s son, who I know, and also know Philip although it is quite a while since we were together.  I know how hard 100 miles would be, I do the odd half marathon – normally the Great North Run, Brighton Half Marathon, etc and a swim, and it’s a struggle for me, and to do it 8 times consecutively after not that much preparation is a fantastic achievement.
246 Anon
245 Julia Lee I think everyone should be a donor.    I am fortunate enought to have a healthy family who have never been in a position to require an organ transplant.  I count myself and my family very lucky and cannot imagine it must be like for those in such a situation.
244 James Rose just makes total sense to give life to another life
243 Nicole van Zyl I would love to help others with what I won’t be needing anymore! New Donor
242 Anon
241 Dominique Mountain To support a work colleague and to ensure my organs are available should someone need them
240 Kirstie Stokes Not enough people are on the register and I want to ensure that I can help in any way.
239 Danielle Caiulo
238 Anon
237 Kayleigh Reeves New Donor
236 Kim Bentham
235 Gavin Halliday New Donor
234 Caroline Moore It might save someone’s life New Donor
233 hannah bushell New Donor
232 Georgina Coates
231 Amanda Crayden Once your gone your gone, only your spirit lives on in the hearts and memories of friends and families. Nice to think that you can maybe in some way help someone else. New Donor
230 Anon I feel strongly that if anything happens to me I would like others to get some benefit.
229 Jim Hallan
228 Miss Angela Davis I should have done it before!! New Donor
227 Anon To help someone who needs it when I no longer do
226 Stacey Morton-McCormack Organ donation is a subject very close to my heart, especially since my brother donated his organs in March 2013.
225 Sandy hennis Life is already too short. To help someone to live when I am gone is the best gift anyone can give.
224 Catrin Mulligan (Jones) We few; we happy few; we band of brothers…
223 Anon The thought of people being given a chance of a longer life due to organ donation makes this something everyone should do.
222 Anon To be in a position to do something for another…. An amazing gift of life
221 Joan Mcfarlane My sister, and why should others have to miss out just because I’m selfish to keep them when I don’t need them anymore New Donor
220 Michelle Caldwell
219 Anon New Donor
218 Anon My wife was involved in a fatal accident and although both of us had filled in donor cards the thought never entered my head. I guess that the shock of her death had stopped me thinking straight. If only I had been asked! I would have been comforted knowing her wishes had been followed and others may have benefited. New Donor
217 Maryjane Watson New Donor
216 Judy Jackson It makes sense. Think of all the skills and knowledge we risk losing when someone dies prematurely.
215 Gail Corrin There is no reason not to New Donor
214 Sally mason When your soul has left your body let someone else have a chance of a healthy life! Why wouldn’t you? New Donor
213 Simon mason New Donor
212 Kate Sykes Anyone who would be willing to accept an organ donation if they needed it should also be willing to donate to others
211 Gordon Henderson
210 Paige Kuykendall I Want there to still be a chance for people out there to have more life if i could not! ♥
209 Anon Milton Keynes Marathon New Donor
208 Anon Milton Keynes Marathon New Donor
207 Anon Milton Keynes Marathon New Donor
206 Anon Milton Keynes Marathon New Donor
205 Anon Milton Keynes Marathon New Donor
204 Anon Milton Keynes Marathon New Donor
203 Anon Milton Keynes Marathon New Donor
202 Anon Milton Keynes Marathon New Donor
201 Anon Milton Keynes Marathon New Donor
200 Anon Milton Keynes Marathon New Donor
199 Anon Milton Keynes Marathon New Donor
198 Anon Milton Keynes Marathon New Donor
197 Anon Milton Keynes Marathon New Donor
196 Anon Milton Keynes Marathon New Donor
195 Anon Milton Keynes Marathon New Donor
194 Anon Milton Keynes Marathon New Donor
193 Anon Milton Keynes Marathon New Donor
192 Anon Milton Keynes Marathon New Donor
191 Anon Milton Keynes Marathon New Donor
190 Anon Milton Keynes Marathon New Donor
189 Anon Milton Keynes Marathon New Donor
188 Anon Milton Keynes Marathon New Donor
187 Anon Milton Keynes Marathon New Donor
186 Chris Jones It’s the right thing to do, my dad died of coronary artery atheroma, so I realise the importance of a healthy heart. New Donor
184 Vivienne Dow To ensure that someone does not die needlessly when the organ they need to save their precious could be available to them
183 Anon Why wouldn’t you do this?
182 Gemma Dixon Because why shouldn’t someone else benefit from my death New Donor
181 Tracey bayford
180 Anon New Donor
179 Julia Loomes To support the wonderful Sarah and Phil, and to hopefully make a real difference to someone in the future
178 Elaine Burgess
177 michelle dixon
176 Max Ewen New Donor
175 tim revett Sarah and Phil are such amazing people. Thinking of you both . New Donor
174 Hannah Currington (Cassidy) I taught with Sarah in my NQT year in 2008/9, and was shocked and very saddened to learn of her diagnosis a few days ago. I can’t believe this has happened to Sarah of all people, one of the most healthy and energetic people I ever met. Good luck with all your challenges.
173 justine griffin ill tell as many friends and family as possible to viit your site gook luck  thinking of you. New Donor
172 David Brooks To show my support for Sarah and other people who find themselves in need of this vital service New Donor
171 Susan Freeman New Donor
170 Hazel Pinheiro In support of Sarah and Phil xxx New Donor
169 Jo Fotheringham I have a donor card but want to make sure that someone else can have benefit from my organs. New Donor
168 Adam Al-Kashi New Donor
167 lucy easthope Because you inspired me!
166 Lisa Harris
165 Louise Trayhorn I love the Ewen family. New Donor
164 Natalie Dunkley I hope that your adventures may continue…
163 Helen hopper
162 Melanie Ernest
161 Ken Kyme I am already on the IoM Government Scheme, details of donorship being entered on my IoM Driving Licence, but I am happy to be included in the UK Register. I am fully supportive of the aims of Donorship, and do hope that after my death some of my organs could help others survive an illness or accident. New Donor
160 Alice Marshall
159 laura wood New Donor
158 Georgi McCarthy
157 Lewis Greenslade You guys might not remember but I met you both when we did the ‘Rock Tour’ together in Alice Springs, Australia. I was shocked to hear about your news and I wish you both all the best for your respective challenges ahead. Sarah I wish you all the luck in the world for the future, Phil you won’t need it but best of luck with it all. Thinking of you both right now. x New Donor
156 alison kenyon Hope you get to share more beautiful experiences together.  Good luck with all your challenges-the ‘Parish’ is an extraordinary experience 🙂
155 Jenny Orwin
154 victoria o’callaghan I always believed it was the “right thing” to do, but now that my daughter is facing a lung transplant in the future, its more than that. I hope someone can give my child a chance one day, and in return that I myself can give a chance to someone else.
153 Eve Hooley I have such admiration for you you both. My daughter was struck down by a virus that attacked her heart sending her into heart failure. This happened in 2012, she was listed for a heart transplant, luck would shine and she was only listed 9 days when a heart became available. (She was on a life support machine) From this day forth we have pushed for more people to join the organ donor register running donor awareness stands and media coverage.
There can ever be enough people registered so the more we all do can only do but good.
I send strength to you both to see you through the hard times, and treasure the good ones. Eve x
152 Melissa Dalby
151 Gemma Constantine New Donor
150 Suzie Wheway To help…….
149 Claire Diss Wishing you well Sarah.  I think being on the donor register should be made the law, not enough organs being donated it is so sad xxxxx
148 Katherine Hunt
147 Mary Hanrahan New Donor
146 Zoe Venables
145 Susan Penn-Berkeley Wishing you well Sarah. XXX New Donor
144 John Callow New Donor
143 Olwyn Henthorne
142 Michelle green For sarah and phil
141 Rachel Watts New Donor
140 Ms Nicola Fitzmaurice I used to think that by becoming an organ donor I was tempting fate, silly I know, but I feared tempting fate.  Now I can’t think of anything nicer than an opportunity to help someone else live on through me. New Donor
139 Jessica Kimber
138 Joanne Hallam
137 Danny Mackness For Sarah and Phil. New Donor
136 Marie Paterson I have known Sarah & her family since I was young & would always be round at the Ewen’s playing!  I am shocked & upset to hear of Sarah’s illness & will do anything to help support her in her battle for better health. New Donor
135 Anon Thinking of you all.  Good luck with your challenges this year Phil. New Donor
134 Claire Spurling
133 Hayley Wsrrilow New Donor
132 Sally L. Ewen-Al-Kashi
131 Ann Kirkman Just to help!
130 Colin Freeman
129 Will Leggett
128 Jennifer Kelly If it helps save someone’s life once I’m gone they can have any part of me, as I won’t need it anymore!  I have been on the register for years and feel very strongly there should be an opt out scheme.  And if people want to do something amazing while they are alive then please consider giving blood and joining the bone marrow register too.
127 Robert Harris To help someone’s wish come true.
126 Kathlyn Slack
125 Martyn Perkins
124 Sarah Campbell
123 Kathleen
122 Anne Venables New Donor
121 Margaret Elizabeth Brown For years I have carried a donor card but hadn’t realised you had to officially register.  Sarah Marshall is the daughter in law of friends of ours and her husband Phil is doing events through 2014 to highlight the Donor Register and encourage people to join.  Our friends have forwarded us a copy of the website and I have been happy to click and join in the hope of making a difference and enabling other people to live. New Donor
120 Sarah Marshall To help someone enjoy life after my death.
119 Julia Woodrow When I die I want to make a difference to people so they can live.
118 Charlotte Smith Saw your story posted on Facebook by my Aunt, Elizabeth Woodrow, Richard Marshall’s partner. It prompted me to make sure my details are up to date on the register and get my husband to sign up at the same time. Do hope you have some good news soon x
117 Cherise Hardy
116 Anita Timson New Donor
115 Louise Vaughan
114 Cat Figueroa
113 Tracey Smith I have CTEPH and hope that many others will follow me in becoming an organ donor. I have been since I was 16 but only since my diagnosis, and recognising the plight of others, have I realised it’s value.
112 Rachel Chapman
111 Charles
110 laura wright
109 Steve Jones New Donor
108 Ann Kirkman
107 Ian Martin
106 Abigail Ferrer New Donor
105 Damien Knapman It seems remarkably childish to want to hold onto these organs when I’m no longer making use of them. If they’re useful to anyone else, I don’t have an objection to any use. New Donor
104 Helen Duriez  I won’t need my organs when I’m gone… Somebody else might. Thinking of Sarah and hoping to help by spreading the word x
103 Terri Hadfield Because reading something like this makes me realise that we are not invincible and we need to help each other. New Donor
102 Peter Croft because we are all family x New Donor
101 Simon Adam New Donor
100 Jane Jones New Donor
99 Joanna Adam
98 Heidi Jones In support of Sarah.  Life is precious and we should do everything we can to preserve it.
97 Sarah Medhurst
96 Aleksandra Szmidt I think-  if I leave this world and i can save someone’s life with my  heart, that is good enough reason<3 right?
95 Rebecca Yeates New Donor
94 Susan Yeates Sarah is a friend of my daughter Hannah who was so distressed to  hear of Sarah’s illness.  Wishing you well Sarah xx New Donor
93 Clare Parr I have always believed my body is on loan to my soul and should live on with someone else when i have gone. x
92 Rose Bud New Donor
91 Michelle Noonan
90 Kelly Scott Sarah is my reason. Life is so unfair, and if I could give her everything she needed now, I would x New Donor
89 Sian Bornes
88 Amy Smith
87 Amie Smith I feel my organs, if ever anything happened to me or my family, could save a life. If I ever die young, I can give people a second chance at life which would be wasted if I did not donate my organs.
86 Anon
85 Tracey Turk New Donor
84 K Lucy Brain
83 Joanne Singletary
82 Chris Barlow New Donor
81 Philippa Statter Supporting the wishes of an amazing couple who are standing up to adversity with infinite strength.
80 Sally Pearson
79 Ellie Bates
78 Clare Adams New Donor
77 Amy Powell New Donor
76 Anon Why wouldn’t I. New Donor
75 Lisa Martin A good heart should keep on beating.. ❤️ New Donor
74 Rachel Gallagher New Donor
73 Tom Harding New Donor
72 Louise Hampshire In honour of a beautiful and inspirational lady x New Donor
71 Emily Ashton
70 Ellie Murray
69 Katie Righton In support of my great friends Sarah and Phil. X
68 John McGowan
67 Amanda McLeod  I´ve been meaning to join for a while and couldn´t  remember if I had already done it years ago, or not. This has given me a kick up the backside. Good luck spreading awareness. New Donor
66 Alison McGowan New Donor
65 lorna green New Donor
64 Martin Davis
63 Andre Havard
62 Hannah O’Mara
61 Alastair Moore
60 Erika Scattergood
59 Madeleine Pennell
58 Ann Barrett New Donor
57 Jane Leetham This is a register that should be added to automatically when you are born and you opt out.  Let’s keep the awareness going. Good luck with all the challenges this year!
56 Andy Middleton New Donor
55 Dan Oldfield
54 Rebecca Oldfield New Donor
53 Edward Marshall New Donor
52 Josephine Tolond
51 Jenny Jones
50 Charlotte Crosse For Sarah x New Donor
49 Caroline Macfarlane New Donor
48 Neil Harris
47 Katie Betts
46 Lucy Phillips For Sarah x
45 Helen Markland
44 Leo Phillips Support for the cause.   As I have metastatic cancer, my organs would do more harm than good, though I have been on the register and carried a card for many decades.
43 David Phillips  I want to help other people to live after my death. New Donor
42 Zoe Stembridge
41 Rebecca Ryan
40 Janet Marshall
39 Sheila Murray
38 Hilary Betts Best wishes to Sarah, and hope you continue to make good progress, and to Phil for all these challenges. We will spread the message.
37 Lorraine Kellett Ms Reeves bought this to my attention by the wonderful Facebook, I’m already on the donor list and give blood  regularly. … But it’s always great to raise awareness and there is nothing better than the gift of life! I’m sure you are making the most of every day, may the sun shine down on you and make wonderful memories.
36 Elizabeth Harris
35 Debbie McLeod
34 Howard Betts A very good cause and needs reinforcing whenever possible
33 Jon Hannah New Donor
32 Elizabeth Adams why not donate something that will benefit someone else when it is no longer needed for yourself New Donor
31 Carole Bairstow
30 Hayley Bishop I have thought before that I should be a donor but never had the courage to take the plunge and actually do it. But, after finding out about Sarah I needed to do something, even if it is the smallest thing and won’t help her, it may help someone like her in the future and that is the most I can do. New Donor
29 Kate Reeves To help people who need organs donating after I’m gone New Donor
28 Abigail Goldson
27 Elizabeth Woodrow
26 Karen Green
25 Sarah Martin
24 Ruth Chappell
23 Francis Hunt
22 Martin Hunt  If a part of me can be used to save a life of someone and give them joy when I’ve gone, then why wouldn’t you? New Donor
21 Julie Ainsworth New Donor
20 Rosa Hunt Because I believe that Jesus came that we might have life, and life to the full. (john 10:10) New Donor
19 Sarah Stoneley Multiple parts of the human body when donated can help multiple people live a better life. If after death I can help even one person to live then that is reason enough to be on the donor register. Best of luck Sarah and Phil x
18 Sally Tipper New Donor
17 Shirin McGregor
16 Charlie Hoy New Donor
15 Anon Gosh guys. I didn’t realise you were poorly Sarah. Great website and cause, I’ll try and coax everyone I speak to get on the donor register. Really really hope you are feeling better and the treatment is going well, I’ve got everything crossed.
14 Maria Clayton New Donor
13 Rebecca Pooley
12 Abigail Goldson
11 Stella Cherrington Hi Sarah and Phil, I’ve been a donor for years after my Dad needed a heart transplant. I can’t tell you how strongly I feel about people signing up. I’m sure you are going to boost the numbers with what you are doing. Good luck and stay strong. Love Stella xx
10 Rob Ferrer New Donor
9 Katie Hammond Everybody should have to do it in my opinion. There is no reason not to. You don’t need your organs when you’re dead – why not give someone else the chance of life? New Donor
8 Katie Pickering  To help someone one day in their time of need New Donor
7 Rachel Chadbourne
6 Claire Albrighton  If I am unfortunate enough to die prematurely, I want to know that my organs didn’t just go to waste. Organ donation is incredibly important and helps so many people. However, there are still so many more needing organs and it is so important that we do what we can to help.
5 Simon Cubbon No greater reason than giving something that I will no longer need when I’m dead to someone that really does need it!
4 Gary Ewen
3 Bev Ewen I love my Sarah so much! New Donor
2 Andrew Marshall New Donor
1 Celia Marshall



2 thoughts on “Take the pledge

  1. Hi Sarah and Phil – I am already registered – my dad donated his corneas and also his brain for medical research. It is an amazing gift and I hope this pages reach many, so that many more people register. Thinking of you both x

  2. I joined the register when my beautiful cousin Sarah was diagnosed with this awful condition..it was a simple way for me to show my support…theres no other way of me helping …..I love my cousin and will do everything in my power for her to achieve a long life…xxx

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